Kevin Fulton Mission Ready

Christian, Conservative, Veteran

Kevin Fulton #2

Kevin Fulton Mission Ready

Christian, Conservative, Veteran

Kevin Fulton #2
Kevin Fulton for State Representative – District 126

About Kevin

Kevin Fulton is a war veteran who served as reconnaissance in Operation Desert Shield, Operation Desert Storm, and Operation Provide Comfort. Kevin’s experience in combat cemented his belief in the importance of protecting constitutional rights and individual liberties. Kevin has lived in District 126 for 13 years and has volunteered at CFISD schools including serving as Chairman of the Community Service Committee at the local elementary school. Kevin has served the Republican Party as founder and Past President of a Texas Republican Party Auxiliary Club and served as a Republican Party State and National Delegate. Kevin has appeared in several publications and national news programs talking about the importance of conservative values in lifting people from poverty.

Kevin Fulton is currently the owner of the Fulton Law Group and has assisted in lawsuits against the City of Houston for deceptive ballot language and recently assisted in a lawsuit protecting religious freedom to stop the city from arresting people of faith who feed the homeless.

Kevin adopted two girls when he was single in his early 20s after the death of a friend. He later married Dr. Anita Fulton, a strong pro-life Ob/Gyn who refuses to perform elective abortions. Together they have four intelligent and beautiful daughters. They are active members of Fallbrook Baptist Church.


Kevin’s top priorities as State Representative:

  • Protecting personal liberties including the freedom of religion

  • Protecting the right to life of the unborn

  • Protecting the sanctity of marriage

  • Protecting Our Borders

  • Working For Flood Control Solutions

  • Continuing to secure our right to bear arms

  • Decreasing the property tax burden on property owners, including reforming the property appraisal system

  • Eliminating unnecessary government spending not directly related to the core function of the government

  • Decreasing business regulations and unnecessary licensing fees which hurt business and job growth

  • Increasing student achievement through educational reform

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Congrats to Justice Kavanaugh. Until he was Trump's pick to the Supreme Court, his record and temperament as a lawyer and as a Judge had been praised from all sides. ...

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If the Best Actor award doesn't go to Cory Booker this year I know for sure the Academy Awards are rigged! ...

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Yea I stopped buying Nike when I saw the sweatshops and conditions the people work under who make the shoes. Then they push them out in the community for $300 and watch people commit crimes to buy them. This year Nike spent 15 BILLION dollars buying their stock back...seems like a company who cares about social injustice could have used that money for positive change. Hey how about just relocating a few factories from overseas and placing them in economically challenged communities to lower unemployment in those areas 🤔 Yea you can run around praising Nike if you want but trust me they don't give a damn about anything but 💰 #NowRunTellThat ...

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Election Day
Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Early Voting
Tuesday, February 20, 2018 to
Friday, March 2, 2018

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